Monday, October 02, 2006


As requested by Ed:

Why do you blog? One reason is that writing helps me to think. But that doesn't require me to blog, only to write a diary. The format facilitates writing, and publishing keeps me accountable. I'd also like to think that others can benefit from what I blog. However, as Carl Trueman well illustrated at TFA, there are times when we'd all benefit from keeping our mouths shut about things we know nothing/little about.

How long have you blogged for? 773 posts since August 18th 2004 though the website in general dates back to 1998 when it was a spin-off from Bath CU website. I was also running a popuar delirious website back then, until I got bored of doing that.

Self portrait

(I took this picture, early on June 29th 2006)

Why do readers read your blog? I hope for God-exalting theology. Maybe because they're friends. Perhaps the comments feature is the best way to answer this one...

What was the last search phrase someone used to find your blog?
"if necessary use words" -- (Referrals)
Which of your posts gets too little attention? The blog-series are the ones I'd hope people would read (see sidebar). Beyond that, dunno. I guess a lot of the 773 are dross, I'd hope there's some worthwhile stuff there too.

Your current favourite blog Justin Taylor cos I really like how the redesign came off. And, Mark Lauterbach for consistent gospel-centredness. And, Anna Hopkins - great to see what God is doing in your life while you're in the Netherlands.

Which blog did you read most recently? Martin Downes. You're impoverished if you're not reading what Martin is posting. I think we're also into some cool stuff on The Coffee Bible Club at the moment.

What feeds do you subscribe to? No feeds, I just use my blogroll. The update feature tells me what I need to know.

Which 4 blogs are you tagging with this meme and why?
1. Adrian Warnock - we need to know more about Adrian.
2. Pete Jackson - Pete is writing some great stuff but I doubt many people have come across him.
3. Andy Shudall - Andy isn't blogging often enough and this takes the tag to New Zealand.
4a. Carolyn McCulley - Also in New Zealand and contributing valuably to the blogosphere.
4b. Pyromaniacs... will they blogspot that reference and sink so low as to complete this...?
4c. Together for the Gospel - cos I very much doubt they read this blog and it'd be fun if they found out and accepted the tag.


  1. But your blogroll never manages to identify when I update my blog...

  2. yeah... its wierd isn't it - there's a few that don't work. And actually in the last couple of days a few more seem to have fallen into that category. hmmm.

  3. good work bish! I hope pyro and t4g pick this up!

  4. no such luck so far... be more fun if they picked up on Huxleys quiz.