Sunday, October 29, 2006

Seven Days

1. Visiting God's church in different places
Last Sunday was a bit crazy but it was great to spend time with God's people in different places. In case you think we were church hoping, we weren't. Instead we were visiting friends and sharing news with partners in the gospel in other churches.

Delighted to hear of new students committing to local church. A month into their time at uni it's time for that to happen!

2. Lost my voice.
Three days of not being able to talk. The voice is one of two vital tools for a Bible teacher. The other being the Bible. Humbling to remember that I shouldn't take that for granted.

3. Didn't quite renew the domain name in time
Wondered where BEGINNINGWITHMOSES.ORG has gone? Er, yeah. My mistake but we've sent instructions to get it recovered. Hopefully that wont take too long.

4. Apologetics
Teaching Surrey students about this at their houseparty. Jesus died to bring us to God! - God is the gospel! - and that's not a blind faith. Some of our faith is in things unseen, but unseen is a long way from untrue.

Lord raise up a generation of warm-hearted and winsome apologists!

5. Exiting
The response of Tim and Tom to studying the Bible.
Esther and Galatians are very exciting because God's gospel is very exciting!

6. "Abstemious"
Horrocks' (surprised) observation on the drinking habits of Surrey CU in the bar post-CU. Remembering together that Luther did his theology with beer... quite right! :)

7. Sing of the Cross!
"Crucified and laid behind a stone, You lived to die rejected and alone. On the cross, hanging there for me. You paid the debt, you made the way so I go free" (P.Webber)

What else is there to sing of! What a gospel! What a Saviour!

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