Saturday, October 14, 2006

Seven Days

Some memories of the last seven days, mostly from work and church...
  1. Pipes not tanks.
    Stephen Abery at Arborfield Church: Generosity
  2. Rain and Trains.
    The rain at pouring through the roof at Reading station on Wednesday morning. Amusing.

    Image Source

    Rather spoiled later that day by four cancelled trains (due to flooding and landslides) and what should have been a 70 minute journey taking 200 minutes.
    Visiting all four of my CUs in three towns using seven trains. Plotting a course through Esther 1-3 to preach from it at Surrey in the new year was thrilling. Such a good little book of God.
  3. Prayer.
    Church prayer meeting. Its good to pray together with God's people! I love the church.
  4. Preacher-boy.
    Ed glories in the gospel, preaching Luke 10 at Surrey CU. Gave me a strange fatherly feeling. Unexpected. Big thanks to Danutia for the lift home and conversation. Welcome back to Reading.
  5. Evangelism.
    Nicola's Christianity Explored article in Reading's SU paper (Spark)
    ...nice contrast to the Pure protests elsewhere.

    Exciting to think about the course starting in just over a week!
    ...and great to think through how to prepare a talk for Biblical Evangelism Conference... John 3:16, enjoy that!
  6. Coffee and the Bible.
    Starbucks Guilford & Farnham. And more and more of Galatians! The food at Chancellors is ok, but its not Roots... Did someone say "change"?
  7. Wedding Bells.
    Sam & Rosie. Engaged! Very happy.
Plus this... (ht: Phil)

Phil Johnson finally spots Paul Huxley's quiz:
"...William Dicks stops here first thing each day. He is surprised (do we detect a note of disappointment?) that he didn't score closer to PyroManiacs in the latest quiz-meme. No worries, William. I took the test and it told me I'm not very Pyro, either. So I took it again and exaggerated my answers to make myself sound like the meanest, most condescending smart aleck possible, and I achieved a perfect Pyro-score. So I think whoever made up the quiz fudged a bit. I'm guessing it's not someone who really appreciates everything we do here..."

...charismata aside, my reckoning is that Mr Huxley *very* much enjoys the Pyros and the rest of the reformed blogs in his meme. Not much that can keep Huxley away from solid reformed theology.

Incidentally, Huxley was once blogspotted by the Pyromaniac: here. Perhaps that'll happen again someday! Tim Suffield just can't stop getting blogspotted....


  1. you ACTUALLY put that picture of me up. great. i look like a weird mix of dennis the menace, his trusty sidekick gnasher, and jaws.

    on the plus side, hurrah to all the things you said!!

  2. hey don't blame me - its the picture YOU put online of yourself....

  3. i've changed it now that i've realised how ridiculous it is. glad i'm so self-absorbed...!

  4. cos that's a much less crazy looking picture! :)

  5. I like getting blogspotted. It's fun.

  6. Yeah... hasn't happened to me for a while.