Thursday, October 12, 2006

...remembering what you're there to do...

Julian Hardyman cites Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones in his brilliant new book Glory Days...
...I'm always grieved and unhappy when a Christian student fails an examination. 'Ah but' he says 'I have been spending my time in the work of the Christian Union; I have been dong a lot of evangelising', But a student does not go to college to evangelise; he goes there to get qualified to get into a profession or some other calling; and if he uses the time and money of his parents and o fthe State that has helped to get there, in doing that evangelistic work, to the neglect of his proper studies, he has really been letting down the Christian cause...
I came close to failing at times because I couldn't do my course - mathematics almost defeated me in the end - but that's not the case for most people. There's a case to say I should have done a course that I was better at... sometimes you find yourself in a situation that's not ideal however, and all you can do is persevere with it - learning to work at something.

A Christian student is at University to study - but also has great opportunities for evangelism. Above all a student, even today, has vast amounts of time. Sadly a lot of that time is wasted - often by sleep and the absence of any time management.... 168 hours a week can go a long way, and can easily accomodate an active life and 40+ hours of study a week.

It is a waste of life for people not to consider who Jesus is, but its also a waste of life not to live it... not to work well... In any workplace a Christian is there to work, to work as to the Lord, with humility. My work is to be an evangelist/bibleteacher so I need to do that, but my wife is a teacher. She's not at school to preach. Opportunities come of course, but above all she is there to humbly work as a teacher: teaching music to children.


  1. Great quote from Lloyd-Jones. A bit dated, but still spot on.

  2. I think you're right Dave. We could benefit more from a Kingdom emphasis which values all good work (your wife's work as part of the Spirit's recreation of the world so that it looks more like God).