Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Piper is cool?

John Piper is Cool (MP3, ht: Justin Taylor)

For more from that conference Adrian Warnock provides links to the conference MP3s. I expect the panel discussions will prove very helpful - take note Don Carson on student missions in the first of those.
"The full series is thirteen... If I have a chance at 5,7,8... I start with creation and expoud Genesis 1 & 2..the God who makes everything... then, the God who does not wipe out rebels (Genesis 3)... the God who legislates (Leviticus)...the God who becomes a human being (John 1)... the God who declares the guilty, just (Romans 3)... the God is very angry... the God who triumphs (Revelation 21-22)...."
Though Carson admits having to adapt because he doesn't get enough events to tell enough of the story to Biblically illiterate people. He commends "Vaughan Roberts' God's Big Picture, Rico Tice's Christianity Explored and a modified Two Ways to Live. You can't wait until you have two degrees in Biblical Theology and two more in Systematic... you have to start from somewhere" ...Voddie Baucham then talks about expository apologetics - so to talk about the Canon he develops an answer from 2 Peter 1... Biblical, memorable, authoritative, impacting answers! And then hear Piper and Carson deal with churches in difficult/rural situations... such wise, wise insight to see things from God's scale.
See also: Piper is bad?

Update (5th October): An example of how Godly men interact with one another and live in partnership with one another - Mark Driscoll and John Piper


  1. that mp3 passed me by a bit...i'm always watching people play football who are no better than i!

  2. methinks that even they are probably way way better than you... or me for that matter.

  3. I listened to that mp3 with my lunch today - was cheering Carson on what he covers in student missions :) Interestingly though his endorsement of C.E. did come with the caveat that it assumes too much background knowledge.

    Thought Baucham's expository apologetics idea sounded brilliant - did you pick up if he has any material out on it?

    And come on, is he cool or is he bad?

    What d'ya mean, that according to a biblical theological framework, he's both??

  4. What I find interesting is that apart from "The World We All Want" I'm seeing no-one using Carson's approach on missions - even though he's peddled it here through The Gagging of God for years.

    Also, yesterday noticing that Paul focusses the Gentile Galatians on the Cross by teaching them about Abraham... we need the story. Big up the Biblical Theology.

    I think they were saying that Voddie Baucham either has or is putting his stuff together for publishing.