Sunday, October 22, 2006

Perplexed to see you...

Many highlights on Sunday. Chief among them must be Dannie at Wycliffe Church and Nathan at Grace Church, for their comically perplexed expressions as they realised we'd just turned up at their churches. Fair enough really...

Great to share excitements about the ministry of UCCF: The Christian Unions with Wycliffe in the morning, and to catch up with friend at Grace Church in the evening - and collect some books from them.

I'll resist any temptation to compare between the three meetings we attended. They were all good, in different ways. A joy to remember that Christ destroyed death, is coming back and wants us to do our jobs wholeheartedly. Great to hang out with God's people.

The downside of the day is that I continue to get more ill, and my voice is somewhat mislaid... alongside my Bible my voice is the main tool of my trade... so that's not ideal.


  1. Dave I emailed Grace about books at your suggestion a couple of months back and have yet to have a response from them. Any hints?

  2. Um... some of the church read the blog so hopefully they might reply. You could phone them? - numbers on their website...

  3. Dave, great to see you and Em again! Sorry i was dashing off in every which way chasing my sons and we didnt get longer to chat! Always next time! Hope the books serve you and your students. I'll make sure we pass the others on to Matt ready for next month. would love to hear thoughts and observations you might have on your time with us. Drop me a line if you get a chance.

    Sean, we'd be glad to hep you with any books you need. I didn't receive an email. which address did you use? email me direct at and we can sort stuff out for you.

    Cheers guys!


  4. I'm saying this in an email but wanted to publish most of it for your encouragement here too:

    Basically we loved being with you guys. The first part of the meeting was a wonderful reminder of our need for forgiveness - both in the songs and the stuff from Luke 7 - really encouraging. Really gospel!

    And as for Matt's talk - we thought it was excellent, so careful, so thorough - showing a real concern for the people in the church and awareness of their situations in bringing the gospel to us in our work.

    The whole meeting just overflowed with grace which was so refreshing.

  5. Should also say the perplexed look at Grace Church was not the above Nathan, but t'other one...

  6. Thanks for the kind words. I wasn't fishing for compliments. Just wanting to learn from observations from visitors (who are friends too!)