Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mark's Gospel - Cell Notes

(Cell Notes for Reading University Christian Union, Autumn 2006)

"He did this with such breathless insistence, such compulsive narrative intensity, that one is reminded of a child recountuing some amazing tale, piling fact upon fact as if the whole world depended upon it, which of course, to Mark, it did. 'Straightway' and 'immediately' link on event to another, everyone 'runs', 'shouts', is 'amazed', inflaming Christ's mission with a dazzling urgency... Clearly Mark is concerned primarily with the death of Christ, to such an extent that Christ appears completely consumed by His imminent demise, throughly shaped by his death. The Christ that emerges from Mark... had a ringing intensity about Him that I could not resist."
-- Nick Cave, introducing the Pocket Canon of the gospel according to Mark.

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