Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Forty Years of hurt?

Pete Jackson posts:As does Martin Downes:And less recently, Guy Davies:

Update: The pyromaniacs are concerned that a non-cessationist is triumphing, as nominated by the newest member of The Coffee Bible Club Blog....
Martyn Lloyd-Jones is my Homeboy? (Get yours here)

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  1. Dave,

    "ML-J is my homeboy" is currently leading the T-shirt competition over at Pyromaniacs. I'm quite chuffed with that seeing at it is my entry.

    And I like the title...strange as it may seem I was whistling it earlier today.

  2. I don't get the whole 'homeboy' thing, sounds rude to me... though I'm reliably informed (ok, wikipedially informed) that it isn't at all.

    Anyway, 'fraid Machen would trump the Dr in my book. Though it's brilliantly funny that ML-J is leading at Team(cessationist)Pyro.

  3. ML-J was well known for having prophecy and tongues at Westminster Chapel. It was every Sunday I hear. No, wait a minute, that never, ever happened. Strange that.

    The "homeboy" thing led to much pondering in our home. We approach the term with a hermeneutic of suspicion.

  4. quite possibly the first time the terms "homeboy" and "hermeneutic" have appeared in the same paragraph.....