Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Five quotes from around the blogs

A round-up of five quotes from the blogosphere....

"...if preachers don't point you to the Jesus of the Bible, to his I finished work and to the believer's union with him, then they must be pointing in the wrong direction."
-- Martin Downes, commenting at Pyromaniacs

"It is surprising how rarely we then link these great truths with how that should make us act in every day life. How should the truths of Zephaniah 3:17 make us act? I mean, what exactly, should change in our lives as a result of this truth... It's an interesting little case but I wonder how much we've neglected such practical theological thinking in spite of our increased head-knowledge. Let's practise theology with teeth."
-- Paul Huxley, on Theology with Teeth

"Incomplete knowledge is defective knowledge, but those with incomplete knowledge may not be defective people as a result."
--Martin Downes on The Sincerely Ignorant

"...All of them have their own ideas about how the world works, or what life means, or what truth is. Almost none of them will give thought to an unseen God who sits high above them on a throne in heaven. Almost none will consider that as he sees, knows, even governs the events of their daily lives, he is holding them accountable for their actions and thoughts. Almost none are aware of the invisible spiritual realm that buzzes with life around them, inside them. Almost none will look at the world, their bodies, relationships and see the fingerprints of God. Almost none will pray. Almost none realise that their eyes are blinded, their ears stopped, their hearts in stone-cold rebellion. Almost none have taken-hold of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Almost none have resisted this culture's lie that that the great throne in heaven is just another religious myth, and that to believe any other way than they do is abnormal, illogical and naive.
--Dan Hames, on something wierd

"..Pride is a lethal foe.... Pride surfaces itself in an unwillingness to hear feedback, be it a word of correction, instruction and even encouragement. Pride in the cliques says, "we've got it all together and those folks over there need to get with us." Pride in "lone ranger Christians" contends that she/he doesn't need the church. Absent members exhibit pride when they say, "Leave me alone; this is my life." This pride is deadly serious..."
-- Thabiti Anyawile

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