Sunday, October 08, 2006

Finding Joy (US/Canada)

Regent College Publishing have made Marcus Honeysett's Finding Joy available outside the UK.

The subtitle is a radical rediscovery of grace, and this books fulfills that - taking us into Philippians, Galatians and Romans to find the freedom of living by the Spirit, enjoying the grace of God. Very highly recommended.

Another book for Challies to review!


UK Edition from IVP

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  1. why do they get a classier cover?

  2. one word...

    three letters...

    i v p

    we need more good designers...

  3. having said that, clearly the rucu jumping man would have made an awesome cover...

  4. my thoughts exactly - perhaps you should design it with that, put it on your blog and send to IVP, they'll need to reprint the book eventually...

  5. Ah, but for their 'classier' cover (I quite like the IVP UK one) they sacrifice size. The American / Canadian market like B-format (big) books. We like little (A-format) ones. I'll go for a small easy to handle, pop in your bag for a spare moment size over a 'classy' cover any day.

    Oh, and I'm told IVP have recently acquired a new designer.