Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dawkins: Mad, Bad or Sad?

This apologetic from Tom Price (formerly of bethinking.org) is well worth a read, considering the phenomenon of a man in a bit of a trilemma:

Richard Dawkins:
Mad, Bad or Sad?

The Times: serialising The God Delusion. Part 1: Why there is no God - (HT: Adrian Reynolds)


  1. Great article. I've read a bit of Dawkins and always had a feeling it smelt 'off'...

  2. Good article - thanks for the link. See that The Times has started serialising Dawkin's book today (with the strapline "....watch the letters pages with interest. There are already loads of responses on the Times Website.

  3. Oliver Kamm (also an atheist like Dawkins) responding to Dawkins in the Times today - here says he almost wants to become a Christian just so he can avoid listening to Dawkins' arguments over and over in hell (if, indeed, hell exists)!

  4. That quote:

    "Yet after reading Dawkins’s philippic against theism, The God Delusion, I am not so sure. A life of obeisance to a deity one disbelieves in may be a price worth paying. Dawkins’s harangues in this life are assertive enough. In the unlikely event that there is a region of the hereafter reserved for us infidels, hearing them again at full volume without end would be one more reason for penitence. "

    Most amusing, can't say I'd really thought about it from that angle before.