Friday, October 06, 2006

Church and Christian Unions

What is a Church? What is a CU?

The objections: is a CU a church?

The doctrine of the Church has always been the ‘wilted side-salad’ of theology. If you are going to enjoy a good theological meal out, the doctrine of the Church is unlikely to be the option that will tempt you. In particular, it is always the evangelicals who get told that we need to eat up our greens. Evangelicals are commonly said to be so over-obsessed with personal salvation that they have no place for community. There is definitely some truth in that. Yet evangelicals are not the only ones. The doctrine of the Church is habitually shunted to the ends of systematic theologies (even the current Pope’s systematic theology follows that rule). Thus, so appendixed, discussions of the theology of the Church have a tendency to be somewhat lacking in fibre.
Download: What is Church? What is CU? by Mike Reeves

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  1. Nice picture of Dan Wilkinson, ex-Cardiff CU president. And a very, very good president at that.

  2. I find it interesting that there was no discussion of UCCF staff in the article. Surely if anyone wanted to point to a set-apart ministry of the Word, it would be there? Otherwise, a great discussion of this issue.