Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wealth Redefined

My ongoing thinking about money, for my book project, has left me with a stack of mp3's to listen to in the next few weeks. Among them several from Christ the King, Brighton (including this one by Tery Virgo: Planning your future - 8th Jan 2006), and this one from Matt Chandler...

Matt Chandler - The Letter to Smyrna - Wealth Redefined - 8th August 2005

"Because if people, here’s the thing, we’ve just been given this great mercy of being born in this country and so nobody in here knows poverty, Nobody. If you are homeless in here tonight and someone invited you in, by the world’s standard you’re still pretty wealthy*. You’re still pretty wealthy. Most of us ate something today. You tracking with me? Most of us ate something today.....Could you have great physical wealth, and be completely safe and comfortable, and have an impoverished soul that’s in danger?.... So what happens here is Jesus just redefines wealth for us... I want us to look at this idea tonight that wealth, real wealth, has very little to do with finances but real wealth is this thing that occurs in the soul... the wealthiest people we see in Scripture don’t seem to be wealthy at all... Maybe instead of jetting out of here, we check our accounts."

* and of course no "poor" bloggers...


  1. Hi Dave, if you're still looking for mp3s, Jonny preached on materialism and true richness from Luke 12:13-21 at Simon Manchester's church down under. You can get the mp3 here or it is streamed from my blog. Its pretty good and worth a listen as I'm sure you're well acquainted with Jonny's preaching (in fact its through Jonny that I first found your site). See if its helpful or not.

    PS - your link to my blog in your blogroll is the old address, it has changed to

  2. if you're looking for books, Craig Blomberg's "Neither Poverty Nor Riches" is excellent.

  3. Thanks for the tip Spooh. I'll fix that link.

    Mark - thanks, Blomberg was where it all began!