Monday, September 25, 2006


This is not the start of a 365 just some highlights of the last seven days in no particular order.
  1. Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion. I really, really like this book.
  2. Coffee and conversation with Dad on Thursday.
  3. Hedge cutting. Though my arms now ache from it. Thanks for the tools Dad.
  4. Orlando. Saer not Bloom, talking about Jesus at Surrey CU.
  5. Freedom! Studying Galatians 1 with my Relays and with Ben.
  6. Junebug and Brick.
  7. PCC (Church Leadership Team) meeting. Quirky things to discuss at times, but great to partner with such godly people in God's work.
Memorable (but not a highlight) is eating hot homemade curry whilst watching X-factor. The joys of being married to a music geek! But, why do these people's friends hate them so much that they don't tell them they are painfully talentless? I know I can't sing, which is why I'd never do that sort of thing. And there were even some Christians on the programme. Whoever is pastorally responsible for them needs to toughen up and start telling people the truth, lovingly. If nothing else proves that tolerance is bad this does programme does. Further, why do people react so angrily when they're turned down - if they were really that talented they wouldn't have to submit to such a process. Not to mention the fact that someone ever thought that this was good TV... Still there is always the OFF button. Rant over.

Low-point of the week, see above - but also, losing my copy of James Sire's Why Good Arguments Fail, somewhere on campus at Surrey last Thursday. And not realising until the train pulled out of Guildford station. It's not that I really care about losing stuff, but I was re-reading it and it was helping me brush up my apologetics. I also have a seminar to write on the topic in October and I can't plagiarise a book I don't have anymore ;)

Meanwhile, Ed wants me to do a meme, and I can't really be bothered. At least not tonight. I should probably get on with my quest to repaint the blogosphere, or just get some sleep. God doesn't sleep. I need to. Therefore...


  1. Hurrah for Freedom! We've just started studying it in my 20's-30's bible study group back home. We only did 1v1-10, but what great reminders in there.

    Freedom on Christ; in Christ alone. Could I please get your run-down on Galatians thus far?

  2. Bish-i like this post. It is rare that you do one like this (maybe thats why I like it-hmmm). Do it more please.

    But also keep up the usual high standard of blogging.

  3. i like x-factor cos its amazing and terrible all at once...the early rounds at least.
    I see anna wants you to 'meme' as well. it's not going to happen is it?!

    (also: hooray for freedom)

  4. Y'see, I thought of you when I had to tag people with this, cos Bennett tagged me and I can't fall out with him this early on, but I knew you wouldn't like it, so I didn't tag you. How's that?

    You've inspired me to write a new book: "Why good books go missing." Sympathies :(