Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mark 4 - Jesus' Powerful Word

Part 1 - Jesus' Parable of the Word (v1-20)
Looking at the parable and its interpretation....
What is the seed?
Where is the seed sown?
Who should the word be sown to?
What will our evangelism need to look like this year?

Part 2 - The effects of the word (v1-20)
Why is it not surprising if someone hears the gospel and doesn't believe?
What causes people to reject the word?
How does the interpretation of the parable give massive encouragement in evangelism?
How does this encourage us to sow the word in evangelism?

Part 3 - The purpose of parables (v10-12)
What two kinds of people are there?
What does Jesus say is the purpose of parables?
How will we respond to Jesus' hard words here?
What does that say about the kind of person I am?
Look at v21-25 - Is Jesus making it difficult for us to believe?
So, why wont people believe then - e.g. Mark 7v21-23?
How will this teaching affect the way we approach the word?

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