Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Closed System

Countless ages and stages on history's pages
Walk down the street as the leaves are falling
The shops closed down to be restyled and rebranded
Can't lets us think the world is decaying
Maths geeks and mystics tell our future
They paint a facade, wise men pretending
The air saturated with what we want to hear
Afraid of our silence, paranoid dreaming

Free lunches and free money without faith to be happy
Find the hero within if you keep self-improving
Scarred by the memories of starving children
Progress can't keep us from killing
Silence the cries of the old man and the unborn
Ignore the fact that its happening
Numbed by confort and ease, walk around in a stupor
To hide form the pain of choosing

Trample all under foot so only the fittest survive
We learned to vaccinate against carying
The great and the good, the bad look the same
This dejavu wont stop repeating
Luke the glory of sunrise and its inevitable sunset
Can't keep our empires from falling
Space age or new age, reload another web page
Its the same sad words we're speaking

Don't want to go to the hospital or graveyard
It's more pleasant to forget that we're dying
Don't want to stop and look into my own soul
Cold front should keep me from crying
Would it be easier to just be a tree
Sway in the wind without choosing
Written a million words on the screen
Does anyone know what I'm thinking


  1. Good stuff Dave! The title's the clue... it'd be too depressing without that reminder.

    Now how about you get Dan Peterson to coach you to perform it?

  2. Tempting as that is, somehow I think I'd fall so far short of his unique style that I'd just embarrass myself.