Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Branding & Blogfinds

I spent yesterday at University of Surrey at the start of Freshers Week. It was great to meet Christian freshers who are keen not to waste their time at University, to catch up with the returning 2nd & 4th years. And many thanks to the Partridge family for dinner.

Pod introduces the official UCCF iPod nano's here. These are surely the official Bible's we should be adopting to remain under the rule of Pod.
ESV TruGrip Edition

Meanwhile, Becci resumes 365. Thabiti feels like preaching. Ievin's is thinking about reprobation. Adrian Reynold's is excited by God's desire in salvation. At the Castle is worth a look for audio downloads. (HT: Dave K)

Making good arguments: Tom on Pope wades into fight, Albert Mohler on The Pope, the Prophet and the crisis of truth. John Mark Reynolds is on the same case:
"The obvious question is to wonder about how easily our foes are baited by a very clever pontiff. Is there a radical Moslem with a sense of irony? When they threaten to kill the Pope for “saying” that they are violent, don’t they get a bit concerned about how that appears? ....the second less obvious set of questions hinge on fears about media education when some American papers and reporters are shocked to discover that (perhaps!) the Pope believes Islam is wrong."
Re-reading Sire's Why Good Arguments Often Fail, yesterday, reminds me again that it is so easy to argue poorly... we need to bethinking harder. Sire pleads with us to make heathly arguments, and then pray that God changes hearts.

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