Friday, August 18, 2006

Seven hundred miles

Our UK Summer holiday travels are done. Nice to be back in Reading. Something kinda nice about living out of a backpack for a couple of weeks though, reminds me that I'm an etranger in this world, and someday I'll be truly home. The last couple of days Martyn Lloyd-Jones has encouraged me with his words in Spiritual Depression (further reflections to follow), as has Carl Trueman's reminder that its good to pray the Psalms. Now we're back I might get around to typing up some of the scribblings from the notepad I've been carrying with me.

Gareth Russell has been reading some of the same books as me: Contending for our all.... "controversies around crucial biblical truths should be tackled head-on, so that Christ is exalted. He also makes the point that controversy does not, contrary to common opinion, restrict the effectiveness of the Gospel instead it often enforces it". Like Paul tells Titus leaders must have character and then be able to teach and refute with sound doctrine. Leadership like that is what the church needs, Christ-exalting leadership.

While we've been on the road, Shudall was on a plane reading God is the gospel. Reminds me that when I next find myself on public transport, a train to Guildford sometime in September I expect, that what I'm reading can open doors... or rather God might use me Philip-&-The-Ethiopian-style to ensure that the word increases...

Mark Lauterback is on form, considering Indwelling Sin and the Gospel: "...all awareness of sin must be drawn from seeing the beauty of God. A Christian's awareness of sin is not from endless introspection but from endless contemplation of God's glory...". That's something we need to think about more!


  1. You went to Wales!

    Not much/enough though. I'm sure youwould have had abetter time if you did, of course ;-)

    Good to have you back!

  2. Haha, thanks for the link: but for future reference so you don't cause a francophone a giggle, as a man you're an étranger, not an étrangère like me!

  3. corrected, oops...
    happy to amuse with my linguistic ineptitude.

  4. the quote at the top of your blog succinctly says a lot... thinking about living like gardeners, seeking the kingdom, clearing space for growth rather than building empires...
    i was wondering where it came from? or is it your own phrase?

  5. "encourage the good wherever you find it, and if you can't find it... look harder"

    not sure who came up with it... but its a bit of a byline for our UCCF Relay prograame - a great priority for ministry.