Friday, August 25, 2006

Contending for our all

In case for some reason we weren't convinced as to our need to contend for the truth of the gospel today... let us come and weep with Mark Driscoll. PCUSA decides to worship: Rock, paper, scissors. And pray that those who take Jesus' name for themselves would return to the truth.

We have to keep contending for the gospel, reforming the church back to God's revelation of himself and his story in the Bible. The capacity of our sinful hearts for deceit is alarming and heart-breaking. Calvin was right, the heart is a "factory for idols". How we love to supress the truth about the knowledge of God...


  1. Gresham Machen really got some flak for standing for the truth, not so much against his theology but against his personality and character. And that from within the presbyterian church and from some of the faculty at what was becoming Princeton Cemetery. Quite something then that H. L. Mencken ("Evangelical Christianity, as everybody knows, is founded upon hate") spoke well of Machen's learning and stature. As did Rudoph Bultmann.

  2. Driscoll's words are really powerful - but I can already hear the stream of angry commentors and posts that will follow him due to the tone he takes. I hope that they consider this though, before they hang him, that if they peel away all that Mark Driscoll tone that he's come to be loved for, they're left with truth and reality - and that truth accusingly points the finger completely in spite of the manner in which it is delivered.

    Simply put, they must face up to the fact that Mark Driscoll heed's the title of Piper's book.