Saturday, August 26, 2006

Charismatic Headcases?

Dan Edelen has some wise words for those of us who call ourselves charismatic: How not to be a charismatic headcase.
Here are the headlines:

  • 1. Stop being so undiscerning
  • 2. Stop letting immature people minister to others "charismatically"
  • 3. Stop overemphasizing the gifts and the people who have them
  • 4. Stop living in a charismatic ghetto
  • 5. Stop practicing magic
I like Mark Driscoll's definition of himself as a charismatic-with-a-seatbelt. (So long as that seatbelt is the Bible)


  1. Bluefish,

    Thank you for you link to my post over at Cerulean Sanctum. If more charismatic churches followed these guidelines, I think they'd get a lot more respect and see even more of the Lord working.

    Blessings on your blogging.

  2. Yeah.
    I came to the same conclusion when I worked through 1 Corinthians 12-14 earlier this year. here... if every charismatic church just stuck to the actual Biblical priorities, purpose and practice of spiritual gifts even most non-charismatics would be quite happy to have prophecy or the like shared in a meeting...

  3. Love it bro! And what's with the new glamour shot of yourself Dave? Looking smooth?

  4. The "glamour shot" isn't me (if you mean the one at the top of the blog) - its a blogger from my church, the funky pancake, Dave Simpson,

  5. it says something about the modern world when i discover my picture is being used on Dave's website via an email from Google !

    just for the record, that was my festival haircut - bushy sideburns and shaved head with a receding hairline mohecan.

    good to have you back after your break by the way.