Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Our God is a great BIG God (4)

1. Election is not genetic (Romans 9v6-9)

Election is not genetic – not all Israel are Israel. Here's the point, v6, not everyone in Israel is “Israel”... not everyone descended from Abraham is a child of Abraham. Behind this is Romans 4. Essentially – being physically a child of Abraham doesn't make you a true child of Abraham in the faith.

Take the Argentina Number 10 shirt. Diego Maradona's shirt. Several have worn it after him... Ortega, Saviola, Riquelme... maybe next Messi... Raising hopes of Argentina having a new Maradona. But there's nothing magic about the shirt... wearning it doesn't make you worldclass.

Consider Abraham – He had two sons. Isaac and Ishmael. One was truly part of God's people – Isaac, and the other wasn't – Ishmael. Both genetically his children.. but that didn't make them God's people.

Rather – it was God's word, God's promise that declared Isaac as a child of God... and Ishmael not. Isaac was born because God promises that it would happen – v9 – against all odds. God said.

Even back in generation one of Israel it simply wasn't the case that being able to claim that you were related to Abraham made you anything special.

I don't know if you have any famous relatives. I have one... Percy Bysshe Shelley. A seriously depressing guy who lived fast, died young and got expelled from Oxford Uni for distributing his essay “The Necessity of Atheism”.

Maybe one day I'll write “The Necessity of Christian Theism”... and we'll see what happens. Anyway, point is... just because he and I are related that neither makes me a great poet, though I try, nor an atheist... which I'm not!! --- You get elected by God on the basis that he says you're elected... not because you can claim some family heritage.

And that's true for us too. You might be a minister's kid... you might have a great Christian heritage, but it wont get you saved. The only thing that saves you is that God chose you. Where is your confidence – in the word of God – his promises, or where you've come from?


  1. Totaly, we are not in the bussines of "grow your own" Christians. That's God's work through evanglisum

  2. are you seriously related to the Percy?

  3. Its a bit distant... but yes.

    Sometime I'll check exactly what it is (my Dad has the family tree somewhere) but its something like we share the same Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather, or something like that...

    Back then the BISH was BYSSHE...