Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On Writing

So here's the think, I'm attempting to write a book. I'm enjoying it, though I find it a challenge to turn on the creativity during working hours. More than that I might be a bit of an introvert but a day on my own in front of a laptop isn't entirely my idea of fun.... I love being with people. I think its also going to affect my blogging.... you see, my mind is rather pre-occupied with the subject matter... but I can't blog that because if I publish everything here it rather defeats the point of writing the book.

And then it occured to me I could publish what I have written so far this week, we're standing at around 8000 words:

Happy reading.... of course this wont really stop me blogging. For a start I have several other projects I'm working on in parallel to the book writing (- some stuff for the september Relay and Forum conferences, some Cell notes on Mark 1-8, a talk on Luke 4), not to mention all the other drivel going around in my head every day. And this is suppposed to be my relaxed month...

I found this quote somewhere earlier:
"The more we enjoy of God, the more we are ravished with delight" ~Thomas Watson
I suspect its a bit optimistic in this life, albeit finally true. I'd love Watson's observation to be true of what I'm writing. I hope to write (book or otherwise) that which is thoroughly steeped in Scripture, well argued and well presented, and that it would lead people to be "ravished with delight" in Jesus.


  1. Hey Dave, whats the book about? I couldnt tell as when I blew up the image it wasnt readable. Happy writing....

  2. cant quite believe you attempted to read it! :)