Thursday, July 06, 2006

Life is like a box of chocolates?

Adrian Warnock is at the new frontiers leadership conference:
Together on a Mission,
kindly liveblogging for the rest of us.
(Note to self, don't be jealous).

Anna Hopkins reflects on anxiety in the Christian life.

Sam Best says one of my favourite phrases: I love church.

New Zealand based Scotsman, Nigel Pollock invites us back to the cross
"If I could get students of today into a room I think the one thing I would tell them is to cling to the cross. I began to understand the importance of the cross at my first inter varsity conference it has taken me a lifetime to begin to appreciate its meaning. So I would say to todays students, come to the cross, humble yourselves at the cross, seek to grow in your understanding of the cross, proclaim the cross boldly, never grow tired of taking up the cross or talking of the cross. The cross is at the very centre of all we believe, all we do and all we are”

The John Piper Audio Archive appears to have grown recently. Now including some sermons on RISK from 1987, and Galatians from 1983.

"Risk is Right"

The risk series covers most of the material behind Piper's EMA talk in three 30 minute talks. This really is essential listening. Notes from EMA: Risk is RIGHT

EMA Talks now downloadable at £2 each:

Next EMA 2007 line-up now announced: Tim Keller, Vaughan Roberts, David Jackman, Dick Lucas, and Richard Cunningham.

Pod & Ally write about Interface Arts. Kath Paterson reviews the excellent Finding Joy far too briefly.

Mark Driscoll posts a paper on some FAQs in the book of Genesis.

Free download track from the forthcoming SGM CD The Valley of Vision:
Download: The Precious Blood

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