Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hove, actually

So last night the scheming turned to action and we surprised Kath by turning up at her house for a birthday BBQ. Making people happy is fun.

Lots of people (pictured: Anna, Roz and Jon) stole Kath's clothes. Kath is so UCCF that she owns a million CU hoodies, and Mark was going sailing:

Em, SteffyB, Kath and Nay playing losing at Swedish Sticks:

Mrs Dawson and Mrs Bish:

Kath writes about it: Birthday Surpises. On the way home we nearly had a surprise when we very nearly ran out of petrol.... made it to Asda on the fumes around half-midnight, just in time to buy some stuff for brunch.

Like the sailor said "prophecy is easier when you know what is going to happen."

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  1. And you lot did make me so very happy! Thanks again for making the epic trip!