Friday, July 21, 2006

Grace & Marriage

I recieved a happy email yesterday from a friend:
...we are getting married next May which is pretty exciting in itself, I keep having to pinch myself coz it’s happening to me! If you had one tip…
Here's four tips from Joe Lee. Read the story at Conflict: Gospel Truths at the marriedlife blog. Here are the principles from it:
  • 1. The Gospel - The Gospel gives us hope in the midst of a conflict. Christ died on the cross to resolve our greatest conflict.
  • 2. God’s Sovereignty - God sovereignly allows conflicts to take place to make us more like Christ. God did not want my marriage to be characterized by my sinful craving of my wife’s approval. He wanted me to see my desperate need for him.
  • 3. God’s Grace - Where sin is revealed, God’s grace is poured out. God’s grace to me was how my wife was responding my encouraging me. My sinful craving caused me to judge my wife and not see the grace that she was extending to me.
  • 4. Your spouse is not your opponent. Think together as you work through a conflict.
See also: Two Sinners under the same roof - June 29, 2006

Meanwhile, tomorrow, in Brazil, is Phil and Carolina's wedding:

Carolina will be coming to Reading to be one of my Relay workers from September.


  1. Cool!

    And do i recognise the couple in the top photo by any chance...?!

  2. I would think it'd be a problem if you didn't.