Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fresh Coffee and New Warnies

All new design at The Coffee Bible Club

Meanwhile, Adrian revives the Warnies™ and adds two new winners, both longtime "two star" entries on thebluefish blogroll:There are also honorable upgrades for Phil Johnson... TeamPyro replaces the now silent Pyromaniac. And John Mark Reynolds is replaced by his group-blog at Middlebrow.


  1. "The Warnies began as a somewhat tongue-in-cheek concept, but at the height of the award's fame, Christian bloggers would literally fight, bribe, and cajole their way to obtain membership in the highly-honoured club of Warnie Award winners. Now that the winners' headlines appear here, I fear that an all-out blog war may break out!"

    I just dont get this...

    The whole idea that a guy can award certain people for what he thinks is good stuff baffles me...and that Christians eagerly desire an award and recognition from another christian baffles me further.

    hmmm...maybe im being judgemental and have totally missed the point. and i say with as much hunility as is humanly possible, that i am ready and happy, most definately happy to be corrected but something just dont smell right to me... ?!!!

  2. or maybe you want one?

    i think its all *very* tongue in cheek and a fun way to link together a group of blogs... a look in the mirror shows, we bloggers are an odd breed :)

  3. nah, i dont want one thanks..

    tongue in cheek? maybe..i dunno, seems to have gone beyond that?

  4. I'm not odd and I've decide to give myself a Warnie!

  5. You may be right... i choose to laugh at the absurdity of life.

  6. It's just Adrian Warnock's special recommended blogs list, bb, only you get a special badge. And it's nice if someone says they think you are good.

  7. The thing that slightly weirds me out is the fact the way that he refers to his won awards as 'coveted'.

    If it's just a list of blogs he likes than why hasnt he done what bish has done which is to have a list of recommended blogs?

    I would want to ask the question of who elevated him to the position where he can give out awards?

    It just doesnt quite smell right...

  8. yeah and i agree...

    gives me the creeps.

  9. the "coveted" bit was added by someone else, but you make a good point!