Thursday, June 22, 2006

Valley of Vision

Valley of Vision CD coming soon from Sovereign Grace Music. Samples & lyrics here. Some great looking songs based on puritan prayers.

Meanwhile having finished Numbers and moved onto Deuteronomy I find myself drawn back to Numbers 12v3 and surrrounding: "Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth" (NIV)

In what sense was he so humble? How did he become humble? The surrounding dispute appears to be over God's word and the ministry given to Moses... It seems that Moses humility is founded on his listening to God's word, whilst Miriam and Aaron's pride is over them wanting God to speak direct to them... rather than seeking to hear what it is that God has said. God's word should surely be considered with fear and trembling, with seriousness and true humility. Any thoughts?


  1. If Moses wrote the Torah, and wrote that he was the most humble man in the world, was he really being humble? Somehow we ended up arguing this point in hallgroup once!

  2. Perhaps true humility is more than a matter of personal opinion... but its a reasonable point to raise!

  3. CD sounds/looks good, thanks for flagging it up.

    It does seem like the humility of Moses is an attitude relative to God rather than a 'look, I'm comparing myself to others' thing: I mean, you do plainly get the idea by the end that if he wasn't humble before God, he wouldn't have survived leading the people. This also comes across in the one time he disobeys God in leadership of the people. Then again, I don't see any reason why it couldn't have been a non-Mosaic editorial note, equally inspired and true.

  4. Pleasure to highlight good resources. I'm interested to pursue further some of those portrayed as proud and humble by scripture.

    My pastor was sharing with us on Friday from 2 Chronicles 26 about the downfall of Uzziah because of his pride... pride expressed in putting himself above God's word and presuming himself to be a priest-king rather than just a priest... and taking on the aaronic priests role for himself.