Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Three Course Meal

Spent a couple of hours this afternoon trying to unpack Romans 9-11 with a group of students at Reading. Hard on the mind, hard on the heart... tasty lessons in God's grace and glory. About 6000 words of me, interspersed with questions and discussion. My side of the conversation here...

The Doctrines of Grace - Romans 9-11 (PDF)

...and now I'm tempted to follow that meal with some of the coffee mountain of filter coffee that my lovely Relay workers bought for me yesterday. And not just fairtrade coffee, but M&S fairtrade coffee... Apparently, Hoops has rarely seen me without a cup of coffee in my hand... hard to believe.

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  1. The link to the PDF seems to be broken and I was looking forwrds to having a read!

  2. Fixed - I'd put it in the wrong directory.

    I'm considering a blogseries on this in July.