Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Power of the Cross

This CD of the worship from the Newfrontiers Leadership conference last July is excellent. As with all Newfrontiers CD's its packed with brilliant songs - particularly new songs like O Church Arise, The Power of the Cross. Scarily I think I'm in one of the crowd photos in the sleeve...

The songs we sang fitted exactly with the superb teaching of the week from Terry Virgo, CJ Mahaney and others... loved it last year particularly sharing fellowship with Marcus Honeysett, Derek Cross, Sean Green and Scott Taylor. Shame I can't make it this year... 2007 perhaps...

Get the CD from Newfrontiers Website

Also picked up Sam Storms' Convergence, the journey of a Charismatic Calvinist. A man after my own heart. I'll review it when I've read more than 40 pages! Thus far, a fair bit of biography with a promise of exploring the common divide between the Word and the Holy Spirit.

"It's not enough to simply defend orthodoxy,
we need to do great exploits for God"

-- Stephen Van Rhyn, Leadership 2005

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