Saturday, June 10, 2006

Of Fiction

Someone asked me last week if I only ever read theology. The answer is no. I was carrying a couple of theology books at the time, but that was because my lovely wife had claimed the fiction book I was reading for herself. Anyways, this is my current fiction reading list. I've just finished Saturday, Time Traveller's wife is waiting to be finished by Em....

Always open to tips for things to read next. Stories and imagination fuel the mind. It's easier to sit and watch TV but reading pays great dividends. I've always loved reading, since my parents first took me to the village library some 20 years ago. Books collect and fill up space, but I'd rather live in a crowded house, full of books than without them. Books let me learn from others, and they let me explore and adventure...

See also Book Club by a blogger who has experienced a broken metatarsal.


  1. Try This Thing of Darkness. I've reviewed it here.

  2. Hi,
    Just popped by -you have to check out the time travellers wife one of the best books I have ever read ever and I have read a few!

  3. "Tanguy" is the last novel I read recently, and it's good. Unfortunately for you, it's in French.


  4. If you enjoy 'Long Way Down' try 'How to Be Good', also by Nick Hornby, one of my favourite fiction books...