Friday, June 30, 2006

Look at the world from a different angle

Andy taught me to encourage the good wherever you find it... and if you can't find it look harder.

Recently Becci started a trend of getting people to look for something cool every day... and many have followed.Meanwhile Funky Pancake is unstoppable in his eye for the mundane.

Now, Dan Hames and Lindsay Langdon may be cheating (from the 365er's perspective)... but its hardly a crime to be thankful for 150 things... in fact its commanded that we cultivate thankfulness! Worse things could happen than for the blogosphere to give itself to looking at the world from a different angle, with thankfulness to God.


  1. :)...but youve linked to my 'other' blog which is sporting a fairly 'unthankful' post right now!! :)

  2. :) well... refreshing to see that your resolution of thankfulness is not blind to the tough stuff..

    Grace endures - even in the rubbish times.