Saturday, June 03, 2006

Freedom from Quiet Time Guilt!

Greg Johnson writes: Freedom from Quiet Time Guilt (HT: Adrian Warnock)

"Imagine for a moment you’re meeting a Christian friend. “How’s your relationship with God going?” they ask you. “Well, I’m struggling with my attitude about my job—but God is teaching me to be content and to not gossip when people rub me the wrong way.” A silent stare greets the words, your inquisitor’s eyes staring you up and down. After a moment of awkward silence, the question comes again, “But how is your relationship with God?” Hmm. What wrong with this picture?

Perhaps this has never happened to you. But I’ve found contemporary Christians are often more concerned about my ‘relationship with God’ than with my relationship with God. Whose idea was it to define the sum total of my relationship with God as my devotional consistency? Your quiet time is not your relationship with God. Your relationship with God—or, as I prefer to say, God’s relationship with you—is your whole life: your job, your family, your sleep, your play, your relationships, your driving, your everything. The real irony here is that we’ve become accustomed to pigeonholing our entire relationship with God into a brief devotional exercise that is not even commanded in the Bible."

This echoes the thought I had looking at Romans 12-13 with the guys on Friday morning. Paul sketches out the obvious implications of God's mercy to us - and they're almost all about the way we relate to one another... lots of horizontal community application. Its the same in Ephesians 5 - being Spirit-filled is about how I relate to God's people... Encounter the gospel of grace... thats the way change happens!

On Friday afternoon, Luke and I were talking about some training for cell leaders this coming September.... our conclusion for these guys who lead Bible studies... what do they need? First we thought that we need to grasp the way that Jesus rules by his word (Mark 4) and secondly, about delighting in God's word. Skills aside, how can we teach God's word if we don't see it's authority and delight in Jesus in the word. Which reminds me I must get round to listening to Mike Bullmore - Psalm 119 - The Soul Satisfying Power of the Word

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  1. Good stuff. Thanks for the link; I quoted Mr. Johnson's article on my blog today, too. Peace.