Friday, June 23, 2006

File dump my life

The Team in Washington, Sussex including half a Swede.
Sam, Debs, Kath, Hoops, Gareth,
Me, Nay, Jonny, Dan, Ben

Our team days were much fun... exploring the life of Moses with Gordon Showell-Rogers.... discussing Amy Orr-Ewing's Why Trust the Bible (we like it)... BBQ, night-walk... the match... prayer... swimming... pool volleyball... and much conversation.

On which, Kath from HoveActually records a conversation she and I had on the patio after my early morning swim on Wednesday, prior to breakfast: She reviews Douglas Coupland's jPod. We've both finished reading it. Essentially:
...if you like a bit of randomness and ponder what your life would be like on paper if someone dumped the contents of your laptop into a book and published it. I'd be pretty freaked I think...
The glories of Microserf life are history, the dotcom bubble burst... the meaningless is exposed... life is full of boredom and trivia, with the odd moment of depth and confessions of confusion and calamity.
...we couldn't quite figure out if it was a stupid book, a really clever book or just a really interesting concept for a thing and not really a book at all...


  1. I LOVE Microserfs. I used to work in the computer industry and it is frighteningly close to reality! I am really enjoying jPod at the moment, though I find myself skipping the "dump" pages like I skip the spam in my email. It's like a novel with spam.

    I presume you have read the interview Damaris did with Douglas Coupland? (I think it was Damaris, anyway)

  2. you mean you're not carefully reading all 100,000 digits of Pi to find the error....