Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fighting with hearts, minds and bodies

Bob Kauflin reflects on worship at a conference:
Eric also asked me to comment on what we were doing as we sang. We didn’t want to assume that everyone would know what we were supposed to be doing. So after the third song on the first night I reminded everyone that we had come to New Attitude to fight. "What we are doing right now is fighting to trust in Jesus Christ. We are fighting to believe in God and not in ourselves. We're fighting for our hearts to find joy in what HE has done, not in what WE have done." The next morning we showed a video that combined pictures of creation with quotes from Job, and sang Laura Story’s, Indescribable, a song that exalts God’s wisdom, power, and beauty in creation. I then explained that while God’s eternal power and divine nature can be seen in the stars, they aren’t the only testimony God has given us of who he is. He has given us His Word, and ultimately His Son to reveal Himself to us. That’s why we don’t simply go out to a field to worship God. We sing songs that engage our minds with truth so that we understand His acts of creation and redemption more clearly. That in turn moves our hearts to love Him more.

The next morning I took time to explain how we worship God not only with our hearts and minds, but our bodies as well. He calls us to use our bodies to worship Him in all of life, not just when we sing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t use them when we sing. We are called to exalt God’s glory and greatness with our hands, feet, and voices. We then sang Matt Redman’s Dancing Generation and Martin Smith’s The Happy Song. We followed that with Grace Unmeasured, a slower song that exults in God’s multi-faceted grace. The result was truth-inspired passion that expressed itself in lifted hands, jumping feet, grateful tears, and joyful faces.

For those leading worship its really helpful to get an insight into the thinking of others who lead worship, particularly those with experience and clarity of thought that Bob Kauflin has. I'm struck by the level of thought that he's put into this. I expect a preacher to be well prepared for the 20-30mins of speaking he will do, a worship leader often presides over at least as much of the meeting.

Meanwhile Ceryn is enjoying listening to one of Bob's albums, Songs for the Cross-Centered Life, which is brilliant.


  1. Hey Dave, sorry this is a little unrelated to the original post. Up at Durham we're thinking about the name for our Mission in February, and I was wondering, given your big readership, if people have any ideas, or any past-names that have worked well.
    We're wanting a name that is gospel-centred and 'serious', in that it won't be seen as a joke. Last year we used RESCUE which took some flak, but really captured the gospel message we were wanting to get across. Any ideas much appreciated (maybe a new post?)

  2. I appreciate the mission of this project. I also enjoy the title, per my taste.


    The Curious Pilgrim