Thursday, June 29, 2006


So, today was my first ever trip to the Evangelical Ministry Assembly. I'm too tired to blog it in detail now... but suffice to say there was lots of good stuff. Unsurprisingly the talk highlight was John Piper on Venturing in Ministry, or in other words, why RISK IS RIGHT. I will blog my notes on that at the weekend. Other talks were given by Peter Adam & Simon Manchester, along with David Jackman who gave his version of Piper's The Supremacy of God in Preaching.

Meanwhile I caught up with Rich Carding, Jon Hobbs, Steve Casey, Olivia Dunigan, Dan MacLeod, Paula Love, Adrian Reynolds, Ant Adams, Marcus Honeysett, Ben Mandley... met John Gillespie and several others, and saw vast numbers of other familiar faces from a distance. At one moment Rich and I found ourselves sat on the balcony amidst Piers, Marcus, Graham Beynon, Ant Adams and Richard Coekin...somewhat above our station... An added bonus was running into Anna Mackenzie whilst exiting the venue at the end of the day. Nice to be in the company of gospel-loving people on a sunny day next to the gerkin...

Seeing Derek Cross and Marcus there leads me to think about EMA in comparison with my experience of the Newfrontiers Leadership conference last summer... (are we three the only people to have been at both?) I suppose the wideness of the gathering means it doesn't quite have the same all together "family" feel ...and there isn't quite the same exhuberance in worship... but nonetheless very refreshing and Jesus-exalting, particularly thanks to the ministry of Dr. Piper... now if someone could get CJ Mahaney (Newfrontiers 2005) and Piper together over here... that'd be quite something... dangerous probably given the deep passion that both have to preach the word, exult Jesus and see God changes lives!

More notes to follow... and I hope and expect that the likes of Ant Adams and Adrian Reynolds will blog their reflections... along with any other bloggers who happened to be in the crowd.


  1. i know I shouldn't be jealous - but I am, I'm also glad you got there.


  2. Yeah, conferences like these are one of the things I'm REALLY looking forward to being back in England for!

  3. so easy to take these things for granted... having done Newfrontiers last year, and EMA this year I'm kinda keen to try something else next year... but then it was nice to catch up with a lot of friends at EMA which wasn't so much the case at NFI (though there were still quite a lot of people there who I knew)