Sunday, June 18, 2006

Celebrating Freedom

I am a new creation, no more in condemnation
Here in the grace of God I stand.
My heart is overflowing, let my love keep on growing,
Here in the grace of God I stand.

And I will praise You Lord, yes I will praise You Lord,
And I will sing of all that You have done.
A joy that knows no limit, fighting sin by the Spirit,
Here in the grace of God I stand.

© Dave Bilborough - with modifications
(For the musicians, play it chilled out and slow with conviction)


  1. Haha, acknowledging copyright doesn't mean you can then modify it - that's the point. Unfortunately. NUCU had a good version of These are the Days of Elijah (one which didn't claim that these are the days of Elijah but said a lot of other very good stuff instead) which I was told that a local church leader had rewritten. Unfortunately though although it was a fab new piece, that's against the copyright isn't it? Unless we all claim to be deconstructionists, but I don't think copyright laws buy postmodern literary theory.

    Like your version though, lots. Amazing what a difference a few choice words can make.

  2. Lol, is there anything on which Poythress has not written a paper?! Looks interesting - I'll read it through when I'm offline and not paying. But initial reaction is that saying a law should be different doesn't change how it is. Surely the ones he's trying to persuade are song authors, to use a looser kind of copyright or none at all?

    Looking at it from another perspective, would you not be rather annoyed if someone took a joyfully God-centred, gospel-proclaiming, Christ-glorifying song of yours and changed some of the words so that it didn't proclaim that message/praise God as you'd intended, and then it was that version of the song that got used most? Is that not the issue of authorial control &/ editing an author's text?

  3. I guess I'd be annoyed if I wrote something, it got changed, and then attributed to me... I'm prepared to admit I'm wrong to change lyrics... but also wonder if the rest of the words and tune must be lost if I don't consider them true to scripture... but then who am I to judge...