Monday, June 26, 2006


...all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory... - 2 Cor 1:20 - ESV
This summer we've asked all of next year's Relay to read John Piper's The Purifying Power of Faith in Future Grace. Essentially a 31 day course in Christian Hedonism. I read the book a few years ago and thought I'd re-read it myself ahead of the first Relay conference.

Last night I was reading the comments on the above verse (p104-108) - about prayer. Reversing the order of the verse (and the implication) we see that: We say AMEN through Jesus to the glory of God because all the promises of God find their YES in him. Piper highlights...
  • 1. All prayer seeks God's YES through Jesus - we pray in Jesus name.
  • 2. The give of grace gets all the glory - prayer glorifies the one whom we ask of.
  • 3. Prayer goes to the bank called future grace - we look to God's promises guarenteed by Jesus' achievement at the cross.
  • 4. Our AMEN is our YES to future grace - we agree that God's promises have been made and know that he can do what we have asked.
  • 5. In Jesus name is God's AMEN - Jesus is the guarentee of God's AMEN, God's commitment guarenteeing future grace.
The question is then posed - Are you living in the fullest enjoyment of God's Yes to you in Christ Jesus? Or to put it another way: Have you said yes to all of God's Yes to you? ... the foundation of future grace is Jesus Christ.

How much are my frail prayers shaped and defined by the promises of God. Without God's promises my prayers rise no further than the ceiling. With them, comes great assurance and confidence and joy. No condemnation, total assurance, grace that glorifies God, free grace to a wretched sinner. All these promises are AMEN in Jesus Christ. They are my hope of future grace.

As I've gorged myself in Romans 8-12 over recent weeks I've been refreshed and renewed by seeing the centrality of God's promises in Jesus Christ. They are my only hope and joy. Those promises wielded by the Holy Spirit against sin. God's Jesus-promises are the reason to read the Bible... not by obligation, not for rules... but for life giving God-glorifying promises. And all God's promises are answered in Jesus.


  1. hey dave. great to hear that's in future grace...when we came to that verse in a bible overview earlier this year in our church, they stopped at all god's promises finding their yes in him, but missed off the second half which struck me as just a brilliant description of our response to every promise of God in all the bible - through him uttering AMEN to God's glory - well done God - if only more people would capture that approach to bible overviews, it feels as if too often people are sold short when the teaching aim is simply that the bible would become "a useable textbook".

    only a was just really encouraged to see it being made much of.
    enjoy more future grace.and thanks for all your grace and work this year.chris

  2. Thanks! That's a really helpful little posting. I confess that I ran aground when I read Future Grace (or rather when I read about 1/3 of it!) You have encouraged me to dust it off and have another go!