Friday, May 26, 2006

The Soul Food of the Gospel

Al Mohler quotes The Christian Century Editorial:
[The Da Vinci Code and Left Behind....] trade on a fundamentally gnostic premise: that most of the church has been duped and that the real Christian belief is a secret that will now be divulged to the privileged reader.... The early church rejected gnosticism and its purveyors (as in the case of the recently rereleased Gospel of Judas) because the gnostics were telling a fundamentally different story from that narrated by the texts that became the New Testament..... When the junk food of the gnostic stories fails to satisfy, churches should be there with the soul food of the gospel.

Meanwhile, John Schroeder notes:
...the church is not here to produce my salvation. The church is here solely to praise God and to reflect His glory and grace. Make no mistake, many will find salvation in that, but bringing that salvation is not the church's purpose... (HT: Milton Stanley)

Nothing like a bit of God-centredness to put the flavour back into life. Man-centred religion is light and trivial and makes me important. Christianity, is Christ-ianity. Its about him, not me. And it always seeks to make much of him, not me. It's emphasis, its melody, its recurring theme: Jesus Christ.

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