Saturday, May 13, 2006


A first draft?
Shaking civilisation to the very core
A crucial moment in our history
What once was hidden now finally revealed
The greatest story that was never told?
Once before the earth was shaken
Another crucial moment occured
A man nailed to a Roman cross
In the greatest story ever told

Longtime suppressed by authority
Passed down to a sacred few
Complex conspiracy to decieve
Restoring dignity and power to all!
Once again God is dethroned
As men prefer themselves to the King
Offended by God's scandalous plan
Mercy offered freely to any man

With slight of hand and ambitious claim
What was kept secret now made known
Self-proclaimed prophets of truth
Without demand or cost to pay
Elsewhere a word was clearly said
Men speaking of what they'd seen
They would not be silenced or stalled
From calling everyone to the new life
© Dave Bish, 2006

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