Sunday, May 21, 2006


In the end, I realized that we labor with the exalted Christ, which gives us authority to proclaim the gospel of freedom. And we labor like the incarnated Christ, which gives us humility and grace to creatively demonstrate and proclaim the love of Christ to fellow sinners in our culture. And though I needed to be like Jesus and lead our people in kind, I also needed to remember that there is one way in which a Christian should not be like Jesus. Jesus never sinned and, therefore, never repented, but because we sin, we must continually repent if we are to be faithful missionaries. This simple point is important because, while the many emerging pastors I speak with have rightly focused on following the example of Jesus, if they fail to recognize this vital difference between us and Jesus, they will diminish the acknowledgment of sin and the urgency of repentance." - Mark Driscoll

People want practical ministry tips and life advice, but what we really need is doctrine. In Romans Paul begins his practical exhortations therefore, in view of God's mercy, give your bodies as a living sacrifice....

We'd rush into the instructions, but he says the key to transformed living is a response to God's mercies. And not just a brief reflection. No, Eleven whole chapters of detailed teaching about the mercy of God. Backed up like water behind a dam, and then exploding in a cry of extravagent praise and detailed practical instruction.

Real change comes from the doctrines of grace.
Get the doctrine wrong and everything else falls apart.
Know Christ, make Christ known.

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  1. Dave I am so there! I have been thinking recently about this and how often people will say thology thats not practical, and want more practical and lees teaching. More fellowship, "worship", or whatever we as evangelicals see as the new fad except the historic doctrinal chrisitian confession of the gospel. But how do we get our churches to be like this? How do we see change without being labelled as the "conservatives" who nobody will listen to?