Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This is us, we, you and me together...

Mid-week I found myself having coffee with Mark Stone, a fellow Staffworker. As we walked away from the Skyline Cafe we saw Becci Brown who we both happened to know - from the realworld, rather than the blogworld. Its nice to meet people again face to face, if a bit odd when you normally interact online.

As we were catching up with spotted a crowd of bloggers standing by the UCCF stand... people I knew, who had interacted with Becci on her blog, but whom she'd not met.... namely (I think): Alison Young, Kath Arnold, Sarah Brown (and probably someone else I've forgotten). We stood there for a moment we stood there looking, being slightly freaked out as our online experience slipped into the realworld. Its one thing to meet people in the real world and then interact online... somehow different when it starts online. It's a moment that could have been caught on camera - but I didn't have it with me... Eventually we went over and they were introduced... shortly after Pod arrived too.

I also met Dan Hames and Caleb Woodbridge for the first time during the week. Most of RUCU bloggers were also there: Ed Goode, Ceryn Oakes, Kat Entwistle, Lou Abercrombie, Naomi Bayliff, Tim Caird... along with Surrey bloggers: Paul Huxley, Cat Hare, Andy Poole... so also Relay Bloggers: Jonny Hannan, Dan Deacon, Curt Harrier, Nathan Burley and Staff Bloggers: Kenny Robertson, Jonathan Bennett and Ally Gordon


  1. Ooh, do I count as an IFES blogger now?

    Maybe I need to post some more IFES related stuff first?

    And I wasn't at World Alive...

    mercy loving criminal

  2. You're way behind the times. I met Dan Hames years ago.

    Word Alive sprung upon me this year and I never got round to booking a place! I really wanted to go, but it's great to hear the great stuff people have learnt there.

  3. Good to meet you, Mr. Bish.

    Mike- not sure that counts!