Thursday, April 27, 2006

Them Links Are Made For Clicking

I am coming back properly... soon.
The urge to write is almost irrestistable.
In the meantime do read the archives and read other blogs too. Back into termtime here. Highlights of the working week so far....
...exploring heights of the gospel and seeing how small I really am in Romans 9 with Paul and Ben... (seeing again why Piper realised that this God would not just be analysed but also proclaimed!)

...wrestling with Habakkuk with Hoops and then lamenting with Joel... meeting with Reading CU committee... (Dan that missing line really matters)... trying to craft that talk on Acts 6 for Surrey...
Meanwhile, yesterday was Em's birthday - I'm now officially numerically young for three weeks.
Looking forward to the weekend: London Men's Convention and we start a series in 1 Corinthians 12-14 with church!! And 24 continues.
Also loving reading Acts with the companionship of Chris Green's The Word of His Grace.
  • Challies is live-blogging from Together for the Gospel. I'm sure someone offered to get me there a year ago, but it never happened. Not jealous. Not jealous. Its in Louisville which I'd not heard of until Elizabethtown. And actually I'm loving this week here. Global gospel!
  • Matt Harmon is a breath of Biblical Theology fresh air in the blogosphere.
  • TeamPyro continues to explore the resurrection in "conversation" with NT Wright. Bit heated in places, but there's some vital lessons to learn by eavesdropping.
  • Mark Dever interviews... are brilliant. Don't miss the ones with John Piper, CJ Mahaney, Carl Trueman, Phil Ryken or Michael Horton.
  • returns under new management.
  • Ruben Shudall coins Generation-I.
  • David Powlison on suffering at Justin Taylor's blog.
  • Ed Goode picks out one of my favourite Piper quotes. I was reading that, in the book, last night.... Remember the gospel is not a way to get people to heaven, its the way to get people to God.
  • Doug Groothuis would appreciate some silence.

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