Sunday, April 09, 2006

St Neots Evangelical Church

On our way home from Word Alive (many blog reflections to follow over the next few days) we stopped off over night at my parents and then went down to St Neots this morning. A friend of ours is an apprentice at St Neots Evangelical Church. It was great to spend the day with them and to visit them for their family service this morning.

The pastor is Mike Kendall and he preached a great and challenging sermon from Matthew 13 (the parable of the weeds). Jesus patient rule and his judging rule... It was very engaging, simple, faithful to the gospel calling us to Jesus from the Bible. Mark Dever fears that too few pastors teach the Bible. That may be true, but if it is St Neots is most blessed to have Mike.

Along the way we met the Nottingham CU evangelism sec, who had been at my Social Action & Evangelism seminars at Word Alive a couple of days earlier... didn't expect to see me at his home church! Good to chat with him and several others after the service.

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  1. Mike Kendall is such a dude!! He's like the humblest guy ever and whenever he speaks on the Bible I seemed to get whcacked by the Holy Spirit bringing about conviction of sin and making Christ real to me - he's obviously well prayerful - what a legend!