Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pray-Play-Say. Gospel Partnership

Finishing the week with Graham Daniels, evangelist and director of Christians in Sport is the perfect way to be sent home. It was good to see Dano again so soon after Reading CU's mission last term.

Sadly I was feeling quite ill during this meeting and my concentratino wasn't great... still a good preacher makes simple points: Pray, Play, Say, Partnership.... plus a memorable introduction to Alan Godson... not to mention Richard Cunningham's banter with Dano before the talk.

This is all about life under Christ's rule.
Paul and Epaphras are continually in prayer, wrestling in prayer. They're devoted to it. It is hard to pray. Evangelism needs prayer. Prayer is our vulnerability to God. There are no short cuts and easy answers. We hvae to be watchful - looking to Christ. Watchless Christians will be easily attacked by the devil.
Is your prayer life devoted?
Who can I be praying for to come to know Christ?

Paul's life work is to proclaim Christ, presenting people perfect in Christ. He requests prayer. The threat to the gospel led to introspection... heresy needed fixing so they're called to look outward. Our doctrine must be right and we must unite - stanidng together. Praying for preachers to have open doors. Not an open prison door, but a gospel door. So that Christ can be proclaimed. Scripture must be proclaimed - told and explained. Its what Epaphras did to establish the Colossian church. Some are called to teach the Bible - some find opportunity easily, but we need to pray for such people.

PLAY (behave)
Paul had to make opportunity. They had to take opportunity. To be wise and make the most of the opportunities that came to them.

This removes the stress. Answering questions when they come. Our answers must be full of grace. Paul had to speak, they answer. So they must be ready to answer. That means they must be devoted to God's word. If they don't know the word they wont be ready to answer. If you're going to wait to be asked you'd better be ready... and then answer with gentleness, kindness, preserving and healing as you speak.

Gospel ministry is team ministry. Its shared ministry. Paul supported his team and expected faithfulness from them. Everything is predicated on authentic gospel ministry. On the need to be standing firm in the gospel and not setting down roots into anything else.

Stand firm in God's word, assured, film. Pseudo fulness isn't quite seen of yet - pray that you stand firm. Stand in the gospel. False fulness is immaturity. If the Colossians will stand firm they will be looking outward. Are you inward and pseudo spiritual? Are you in the on Jesus and totally full? Gospel community looks outward.

1. Fulness is in Jesus - life and freedom.
2. Exhort one another to gospel sharing.
3. Partner in the gospel with faithful gospel people.

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