Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jesus the Only!

To treat someone rightly you have to know who they are... and thus Vaughan Roberts introduced us afresh to Jesus Christ. All-surpassing!

People suggest "there must be more than this...", more than Christ. But if we try to move beyond Christ we drift away from Christ. The Colossians were doing this. Sometimes by religious things, sometimes by non-religious stuff. We must not lose sight of Christ.

1. Christ is the All-Surpassing God (15-17)

Jesus is unique. He is the image of the invisible God. He is the way to get introduced to God. Look only to Jesus. See the image of God. No need to guess or speculate about who God is. See the picture. Unique Jesus, therefore unique Christianity. Everything else is only guessing.

He is the firstborn over creation. Most honoured. The family head. The leader. (Ps89v27). He is the most exalted. He is the sovereign ruler. Everything is his, for him. He has authority over all things. He is not meek and mild. He is the Lord. Its all for him and all made by him. He is the why of the universe.

Stephen Hawking:
"Science can't answer the why of the existing of the universe... that would require the mind of God"
You can't reason the why of the universe. It has to be revealed by God. And it is. Everything is by Jesus and for Jesus. Everything to bring honour to his name... and only sustained by him. There are many greats... but no one compares to Jesus. Jesus the Only. Worship him, don't drift from him.

2. Christ achieves an all-encompassing salvation (18-23)

He is the Lord of creation, and the church. No pope, no pastor... just Jesus. He is the firstborn of creation, and from the dead. Lord of the New Creation! It's pioneer, who invites us to follow him from death to life. Jesus made creation - he can fix it.

All God's fullness is in Christ. He makes full peace by his blood. He is the turning point of all history and the centre of the universe. All reconciliation is at the cross. Now, there is a delay - giving time to repent. And so, v23, persevere. Reconciliation is true for us, if we continue - and not drift away. Stick with the gospel. We'll be presented perfect in his presence. Do you love Jesus? There is no where else to go.
Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.
You are amazing God

PDF Preview: Mark Dever's
The Message of the Old Testament
- It's all about Jesus!

(HT: Justin Taylor)

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