Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Be Men of the Spirit

London Mens Convention 2005 - 29th April

Finally got booked - should be interesting if potentially contraversial.
Anyone else going?


  1. Any reason why this should be controversial? I went myself as you know a few years back..

  2. It shouldn't be controversial at all - but when you're putting a big group of people together to talk about issues like tongues and prophecy it has the potential controversy.

    Personally I think the Bible is pretty clear - there are direct commands to pursue prophecy... it was a command for them, and it seems decent exegesis and application to conclude that its also a command for today.

    On the otherside is the idea of living by the Spirit (rather than law). Given that a lot of the church really tries to live by law then this also is a hot topic. Again, shouldn't be - the Bible is very clear that we live in freedom by living by the Spirit, and that its anti-christian to say that "we're saved by grace and then live by law".

  3. My Dad's going to the conference. It sounds interesting. Do report back and tell us whether the seminars on tongues and prophecy were cessationist, or "open but cautious", or something else. Greg Strain and David Jackman are both good speakers, but I guess they will both be quite strongly non/anti-charismatic. And of all the Bible Speaks Today authors, Dick Lucas is most forthright in criticising charismatic theology.

    Peter Woodcock is a good speaker too. I've heard him quite a few times. Last time I heard him he shocked an audience of FIEC conservative evangelicals by anouncing that organ music was "crap".

  4. Lol, I can imagine Pete saying something like that. Matt and I will be stuarding on Saturday. Means we get to go for free but don't be too jealous, looks like we'll be there at 0630!

  5. Hope to see you there Mallangong.
    Our party couldn't get tickets for the prophecy today seminar, sold out.... we get a group selection which get passed around on the coach. I suspect I might opt for the coffee house seminar with a friend.