Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Spirit-filled Church: Ephesians

We've been studying Ephesians with church this Spring. Its mind-blowing stuff - showing us God's amazing plan... his cosmic, corporate plan to gather his church in Christ. Loving the church!

Sunday morning was our AGM in the service so everything else was cut down a bit - a few of us then gathered again in the evening with our pastor to explore Ephesians 5 in a bit more depth - a real life Coffee Bible Club....

I wanted to explore a theme from that:
what does Ephesians say about the Holy Spirit?
These are the specific references:
  • 1v13-14: The guarentee of redemption
  • 2v18: The means of access to the Father
  • 2v22: The way God lives in the church
  • 3v5: The revealer of the gospel
  • 3v16: The way Christ dwells in our hearts
  • 4v3: The bond of our unity
  • 4v30: The one who is grieved by division in relationships
  • 5v18: The one who fills us to live with understanding and wisdom
  • 6v17: The Word of God is the Spirit's sword
  • 6v18: The one in whom we pray
...so my plan is to spend some of this week exploring some of these a bit further before we reach the latter part of Ephesians 5 this coming Sunday.

Meanwhile during John Piper's sabbatical various preachers are teaching on Toward All the Fullness of GOD Through Christ. The latest of which is:
Wayne Grudem - Eph 5v18, Being filled with the Spirit
New sermon link
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  1. That photo is tremendous! Roll on word alibe '06

  2. Thanks for the link! I actually took your advice and spent last week combing through Ephesians and looking at what it said about the Holy Spirit. I will be interested to see what you come up with :O)! I may blog some of my thoughts too!