Friday, March 10, 2006

Christian Marriage

Pyromaniac Dan Phillips asks some great questions about Christian marriage.

Really challenging - at the heart of every situation the gospel must be central. Tim Rudge advised me a month before I got married that marriage is "two sinners living under the same roof". Further advice observed that marriage is about when "sinners say I do". And in that context the first point is not that Em is a sinner, but that I am. And above all we're both dependent upon the grace of God in Jesus Christ.


  1. Firstly, lovely photo!

    Secondly, read this today...
    "I don't believe in marriage. My ancestors wouldn't approve, but it's such a huge commitment to stand up in church and sear to God you're going to be faithful to a person for life. things change so rapidly you might have to break the promise." (Jane Horrocks)

    Well, at least she recognises it's a huge committment, eh, which unfortunately many people don't nowadays (just another excuse for a party...)

    I dunno, comments like this exasperate me!

  2. ...should have said 'swear', not 'sear'... ;-)

  3. my memory of the day that photo was taken would necessitate the quote from Rudgie being moderated to "when two snogging sinners marry"...

    I've yet to see such a passionate repeat of 'you may now kiss the bride'

  4. You can say what you want but we enjoyed it

  5. i'm not going to say that I DID enjoy it BUT I enjoyed watching your pastor go beetroot red and having so much material for making jokes during the sermon ;o)

    I also enjoy your blog :oD (well, most of the posts anyway - Podcast indeed!)