Friday, March 31, 2006

Apathy and Discernment

Challies on the future of the church:
"In our day churches are filled with people who simply do not care about the purity of the church. There are countless numbers of professed Christians who care nothing for any type of theological precision or defining characteristics of the faith.

There is a shocking apathy among those who profess Christ. Coupled with this apathy is a terrible lack of discernment and a lack of appreciation for those who value and display discernment.
Too often evangelicals seem not to know how to discern truth from error, and just as often do not seem to care. Apathy and a lack of discernment together make a potent force that forms a serious threat to the church--perhaps the most serious threat we face today.
So many other threats--the pernicious new doctrines that arise, the loss of confidence in the Bible, the rise of teachers and leaders who deny fundamental doctrines--these would be swept away if evangelicals simply stopped being so apathetic and displayed some godly, biblical discernment."


  1. This lack of theological understanding and ability to discern truth also concerns me.

    To me, it is very important that someone knows WHY they believe something and where that idea came from. It seems to me that WHAT they believe may actually be secondary.

    I'm aware that thee and me may well disagree on this, but I feel there is some common ground to be gleaned here. :o)
    Just my 2-pennyworth. :o)

  2. Spurgeon said exactly the same things in the 1880s. You could find quotes from him on it (even without going on the Pyromaniac group blog).

    Isn't this the way it is in the life of the churches?

    Aren't there lots of counter examples?

    Focus on producing strong bible centred, expository, disciple making, God centred, Christ exalting (you know what I'm saying)...ministers, and in God's mercy we trust that he will build strong Christians and congregations.

  3. Sadly, I have talked with many nominal Christians who believe that those who seek to share biblically discerning information with them are wasting time fighting a needless battle. I had my great aunt recently tell me when I tried to warn her of an email she was forwarding to many Christians, which was a devotional from the Purpose Driven Movement, "Honey, these are signs of the times, the Bible is fulfilling itself. As long as we have faith and trust in God, we will overcome all of this."
    It's like these apathetic professors feel that they will automatically be discerning without any need to compare what they receive with the scriptures. It's almost like a charismatic whim, that we automatically bypass deception because we've been sealed with the Holy Spirit. It's so disheartening, and I can never get them to see the importance of contending for the faith. How can you get through to such thinking?