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Acts 3v1-4v4 : Amazing (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

Jesus is Amazing

Peter says – don't be amazed at us – look at Jesus.
You killed him but God raised him. God glorified Jesus – do the same!!!

If I saw someone is glorious that's just my opinion. When God speaks it's a different thing. He has authority. And he says Jesus is glorified. Risen and glorious. Amazing.

Jesus is amazing – resurrected and witnessed. Cornerstone of the gospel. Peter and his fellow eyewitnesses testify. Spirit-filled witnesses to God having glorified Jesus.

Be amazed at Jesus! And see that the resurrection is vital
Talk about it with people. Can you defend it?

Forgiveness is Amazing

Remember who Peter is talking to. It's the mob who murdered the Messiah.
It's the crowd who cried "Crucify him!" Peter says they were ignorant – no excuse. Culpable.

In fact God was fulfilling his purposes. If they repent then
a) their sins blotted out / wiped out
b) times of refreshing come from God.

Look at who got forgiven! These were the people who killed Jesus and he will forgive them. All your sins can be blotted out! All of them! Freedom from guilt and invitation to refreshed life in Christ.
Do you know that all your sins are forgiven?

God's Promise is Amazing

Was the resurrection God patching up a plan that man spoiled? Had ignorant man caught him out? Ignorantly killing the one person who could save them....
No! It was God's plan! And again we prove ourselves inhabitants of Huxley's world – its not that as Orwell feared books have been banned. Its that we don't bother to read them. We don't know the scriptures.
Peter preaches Christ. Just as Jesus taught on the Emmaus Road and said that all the scriptures were about him... Peter does the same

  • Jesus is the suffering servant who was punished in our place for our sins. Died and risen.
  • Jesus is the Davidic King who Samuel had said would rule forever. Risen and reigning.
  • Jesus is the Mosaic Prophet who would speak God's word, and how we deal with that determines our eternal destiny. Risen and revealing God's word.
  • Jesus is Abraham's seed who brings the blessing of the Holy Spirit to the nations – granting repentance to people. Coming to turn us from our sin. Our new life is in Him!
The reliability of a witnesses testimony rests upon whether it matches the facts. This week you got an email saying what CU was doing... the way to find out if that's true was to check it matched the facts. The email said that our UniSword meeting yesterday was in TB4. Check the facts – thats the toilet cleaner's cupboard... But when it comes to the testimony of the Bible against who Jesus is. Perfect match!

First response – the anti-resurrection Saduccees get Peter & John arrested. They don't believe and they know that the case for the resurrection is convincing. They have to silence these eyewitnesses. Everyone saw the healing. Peter & John saw the resurrection.

Meanwhile others are convinced. They believe the evidence – the church grows to 5000, at thats just the men! Go speak of the resurrection! Paul later wrote that if there was no resurrection then Christians are fools... But if Jesus is resurrected....

Discussion Questions.
Q1 – Can you defend the resurrection?
Q2 – Why does it matter that Jesus is risen?


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